5 Quirky Fetishes You Can Find on Live Sex Cam Sites

It’s safe to say that porn has truly opened our eyes when it comes to fetishes, kinks, and wild sexual niches. I mean, who knew there was a thriving market for people who love to see women unleashing wedgies on men? Or that there’s a booming crowd of women who love to have their mouths used like a human ashtray for cigarette-smoking Femdom mistresses?


It’s a brave new world that’s constantly changing, meaning the porn industry is fighting an ongoing battle to stay up to speed with modern fetish trends and satisfy an ever-demanding crowd of kinky people eager to indulge in them.


However, for many of these kinksters, porn simply doesn’t cut it anymore, and they’re seeking out a far more immersive and entertaining experience that comes with live adult cam platforms like PDCams. 


Rather than just watching, as porn allows you to do, live cam sites let you play an active part in the lustful behavior on screen via things like Bluetooth vibrators and fuck machines to real-time sex chats that let you suggest sex acts for your favorite model to carry out next.


Is this your first time hearing about adult live sex cams, and you’re eager to know where to begin? Fear not! This article is going to guide you through some of the most overlooked fetish cam categories that will really open your mind to the sexual treasures that lie within such sights.


Now, let’s begin!

The Armpit Fetish

5 Quirky Fetishes You Can Find on Live Sex Cam Sites

It takes a special kind of kinky person to look at a woman’s armpit and feel aroused, but there are plenty of them to be found on live cam sites as well as many armpit fetish cam girls eager to cater to their kinks.


You never know what you’ll get when tuning into a live armpit fetish cam show. Maybe you’ll see a Femdom mistress making her submissive male slave lick her armpits. Perhaps you’ll see a woman using her armpit like a makeshift pussy to make a dick cum, or anything in between!


Lactating Boobies

Got milk? These girls do! This live fetish cam category centers on women with the unique ability to lactate, whether they’re pregnant or not. It might sound weird, and it often is, but the sexual thrills it offers are not to be missed!


In a lactating cam show, you will often find a girl squirting milk from her tits in a variety of ways. Whether it’s over the camera lens in a POV experience or using a milking device to extract a bottle of boob milk into a bottle for kinky people like you to drink, it’s a wild ride, indeed!


Oh, and speaking of milk, the next type of fetishists on cam sites are dairy enthusiasts too, but their milk isn’t as appealing as that which has come out of a lactating boobie!

Enema Fetish

Enema Fetish

For a lot of people, an enema isn’t the most pleasant experience. For others, it’s the highlight of the week! On many live sex cam sites, you can find an array of enema-loving fetishists indulging in some hardcore enema play during live fetish cam shows.


For those watching, this can be an immense erotic experience due to their ability to instruct the models on screen. Want one girl to squirt an enema into the mouth of another? You got it! Want to see a submissive slut take part in a contest that sees how far she can squirt an enema across the room? It’s all for the taking on any reputable live cam site.

Food Fetish

If you want to know the fastest way to lose a Michelin star, this is it! The word of food fetish live cams center around naked live girls who raid their fridges and use everything from hotdogs to whipped cream in order to make their viewers cum as hard as possible.


I’ve spent a lot of time on live food fetish cam shows and have seen some crazy things. From horny MILFs stuffing hotdogs up their butt and then sliding the weiner in a bun before eating it hole to bratty 19-year-olds making their DILF fuck buddy lick whipped cream from the most intimate parts of their bodies, it’s a wild ride indeed!


This fetish has been going strong for a number of years, but let’s just pray Gordon Ramsay doesn’t catch wind of it, or it’s all over!

The Sticky World of Gokkun

The Sticky World of Gokkun

And last but not least is the wild world of Gokkun. Like a lot of the world’s kinkiest sex acts, this originated in Japan and revolves around women who don’t just like cum, but who’d quite happily almost drown in it!


This perverse sex act is harder to find on live cam sites than others, as it involves multiple men producing cum at the same time and unleashing it over the willing face of a horny cumslut. However, due to how popular it is, more cam girls are beginning to perform it.


Sure, there’s lots of Gokkun porn online, but none of them allow you to control the filth on screen like a live Gokkun cam session does. Whether you want to ask the girl to drink an entire bowl of men’s cum at once or drench her entire body in it, all you have to do is ask! Better yet, you can even make her cum in the process via a Bluetooth sex toy in her pussy!

When Exploring a Live Fetish Cam Site, It’s Important to Keep an Open Mind!

It goes without saying that a lot of the fetish porn categories in this list won’t be for everyone, but it takes all sorts to make a world, and these quirky kinksters performing such shows, as well as those tuning in to watch and interact, are adding a level of added spice to the world of live sex cams.


Who knows, perhaps your next trip to a leading live sex cams site will introduce you to a new fetish that you quickly fall in love with!